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Creating an excellent assignment is not an easy task. It needs one to have impeccable writing skills, set some considerable time for the work, and fully understand the assignment instructions. Like any other academic task, creating a great assignment requires good writing and research skills, and, therefore, it can be learned and perfected.

If you have been wondering about how you will get an assignment help which will aid you to write that great assignment, then you need not look further. This article will just do that. Below are the instructions which will see you create an outstanding assignment.

Assignment Creating Instructions

1. Understand Assignment Instructions

Before attempting any assignment it is important that you go through the instructions provided by the instructor. Make sure that you fully understand the assignment requirements, the grading rubric, and the key areas of the assignment. You may also need to check the writing style specified in the instructions.

Apart from reading and understanding these instructions, you should also take some time and compare how the assignment is matching with the course outline, the course objectives, and the weekly outcomes. It’s only after you have fully understood the instructions that you can proceed with the rest of the assignment development process.

2. The Concept Plan/Map and Outline

Once you understand the assignment requirements, you will be ready to proceed to the development of the concept plan and the outline. The concept plan involves listing down the key requirements of the assignment, noting what needs to be researched, and how the research should be conducted. Having a concept plan will help you gauge the amount of time needed to be spent in the assignment and also help you evaluate such against the percentage contribution of such an assignment to the final grade.

The assignment outline is just a sketch of the layout and the organization of the essay. This can be done even without doing any research. What’s needed to create an assignment outline is the assignment instructions. Be sure to develop an outline before commencing your research work. It will give you direction and focus when you will be conducting your research.

3. Research

Research is the process of finding out more information on a given topic or subject. There is much information online and in the libraries and without a focus one can waste much time reading incoherent information. To give a focus and direction to your research, always ask yourself these questions:

* What do I want to Know?

* How can I get information on this subject?

* Are the research sources I’m using reliable?

*What’s the scope of the research?

After you have understood your research task, the next thing is to head over to the information source and begin collecting the information. The information sources could be the internet, a library, interviews, and even questionnaires. Gather as much information on the subject of research as possible.

4. The Writing Process

After collecting the information needed for the assignment, you will need to organize such information into an essay. Usually, an essay has an introduction part, the body, and the conclusion part. The introduction part presents the subject under discussion, gives a focus of the whole essay, and sheds more light on what will be discussed in the rest of the essay.

The body part of the essay has a detailed treatment of the points identified during the research stage. The paragraphs should be organized logically and the ideas discussed should also flow naturally. The conclusion part of an essay can be used to draw a final judgment of what has been discussed, summarize the main points, or even still challenge the reader to take a certain action.

To develop a good assignment, you will first need to write a draft. You will then improve the draft by inserting new points, removing ideas which work against the essay flow, and making sure that the essay meets the required word length.

5. Proofreading and Editing

This is the final part of your assignment writing process. After you have written your assignment, you will need to go through it checking for grammatical mistakes, checking the correctness of the information provided and also checking the overall flow of the assignment. You should also be careful to ensure that the work is properly referenced to avoid falling a victim of plagiarism. You can as well consider running the final assignment through a plagiarism checker to ensure that it is 100% unique.

Writing an excellent assignment is an arduous task. Students usually grapple with this challenge alone not knowing that they can easily get an assignment help from reliable online systems which help them horn their writing skills. If you have been struggling to write assignments, follow the above steps and see yourself improve your assignment handling capabilities.

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